Early Education Early education and early education funding are causes near and dear to my heart. San Diego County, like many other counties around the country, has thousands of young children ages 4-5 who are slowly getting ready for kindergarten. […]

For babies and toddlers every experience teaches them something new. Talking, Reading, Singing and Playing help children’s brain development, socio emotional development, communication skills and so much more. Through playtime activities, parents and caregivers can support children’s development of math […]

First 5 Program Highlight The Children’s Initiative The Children’s Initiative is a San Diego based non-profit that works to ensure that San Diego’s low-income and under-served children and families reach their full potential by promoting services, programs and policies that […]

  Children today are growing up in an increasingly diverse world. They are eventually going to be exposed to people of different races, cultures and backgrounds as they continue to grow. Along the way, they are going to meet others […]