• F5C-001 Letters of Support/Memorandums of Understanding to Local Programs (pdf)
  • F5C-002 Legislative Advocacy (pdf)
  • F5C-003 Commission Funding Process (pdf)
  • F5C-004 Memberships in Professional Associations (pdf)
  • F5C-005 Support of Community Events and Educational Symposia (pdf)
  • F5C-006 Protest Procedures for Award of Solicitations (pdf)
  • F5C-007 Media Procedures (pdf)
  • F5C-008 Executive Director Signatory Authority (pdf)
  • F5C-009 Supplantation (pdf)
  • F5C-011 Investment (pdf)
  • F5C-012 Administrative Rate Policy (pdf)
  • F5C-013 Contracting and Procurement Policy (pdf)
  • F5C-014 Salaries and Benefits Policy (pdf)
  • F5C-015 Conflict of Interest and Incompatible Activities / Outside Employment Policy (pdf)
  • F5C-017 Finance Committee Membership Policies (pdf)
  • F5C-018 Communication of Financial Condition Policy (pdf)
  • F5C-019 Guidelines for Authorizing Research Using Commission Resources (pdf)
  • F5C-020 Guidelines for Human Subjects Protection & Data Security for Research and Evaluation Activities (pdf)
  • F5C-021 Contract Extension (pdf)
  • F5C-023 Reimbursement of Expenses (pdf)
  • F5C-024 Notification of Use of Client Information (pdf)
  • Article IIIp First 5 Commission of San Diego (html)(pdf)
  • Privacy Policy First 5 San Diego – County of San Diego (pdf)

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