Talking Together at Home and On The Go

Ordinary moments spark rich conversations! To a young child, it’s the everyday moments that are the most interesting and fascinating. Here are some ways to add fun and colorful language to daily experiences.

Partner in Literacy
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As you…You might say or ask…
get dressed“What body parts do you have a pair of?”
cook in the kitchen“Let’s chop..mix..pour..spread..shake!”
use kitchen tools“What is this tool used for, and how does it work?”
walk down a street“What kinds of stores do you see? What kinds of vehicles do you see??”
observe an insect up close“Look an ant! Where do you think it’s going?”
look up at the clouds“What shapes or animals do you see in the clouds?”
walk through a park or field“What’s alive? Not alive? How do you know?”
drop mail in the mailbox“How do you think this letter will travel to grandma?”
see a firefighter or police officer“A firefighter helps keep us safe when there’s a fire. What other people have important jobs?”
get ready for bed“What did we do today? What was your favorite part of your day?”

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