Are the leaves a little red? Do you see pumpkins on porches? Is the air a little crispier?
Looks like it’s FALL!

This is the perfect time for you and your little one to head outdoors and take advantage of this time of year. What better way to learn about colors, shapes and seasons than with a Fall Scavenger Hunt? Identifying objects through interactive play makes learning fun and easy for your child. Depending on how old your little one is, you can start by collecting or finding 3-5 objects on the list. If that’s too easy, add more! Remember, there’s no limit to creativity or learning. Here’s a sample scavenger hunt for you to try…good luck hunting!

Head outdoors and see how many of these items you can find!

  • 1 yellow flower
  • 2 brown leaves
  • 3 smooth rocks
  • 1 BIG cloud
  • 2 spider webs
  • 4 ants

How many things did you find? __________