With children needing more and more stimulation, it is easy for them to get lost in video games. This occupies their time for a while; however, this also hinders their learning about health and hygiene. It is important to have fun and teach your child how to be healthy; here are a few activities that make learning about health and hygiene fun.

Some fun activities include making a Healthy Food Collage and organizing Paper Plate Meals. You and your child can go through food magazines and cut out pictures of food. Children can then choose to either make a collage of all the healthy food they have collected or make a complete meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner on a paper plate. This helps them start identifying healthy food options and can influence their dietary behavior in the future.

Another fun activity is to clean a hardboiled egg after staining it with dark soda. First you will want to place a boiled egg in a dark soda. Let the egg sit for about a day then show your children the stained egg. They can hold it in their hands and play with it while you explain what soda can do to their teeth. Then, hand your child a toothbrush and some toothpaste and let them brush the egg. This is a fun way to interact with your children while learning about dental hygiene and the negative effects of soda.

This last activity might be the most stimulating of them all: the Taste Test. Cut up various food items and have your children smell and taste them while blindfolded. The taste, smell and textures will stimulate their senses and connect healthy food options with a fun experience which will increase your child’s interest in fruits and vegetables. Have them describe what they are sensing before they guess and you can even make it into a contest between two or more children.

Children growing up in this digital age are in need of constant stimulation. Instead of playing video games, try these healthy games and activities to make them aware about the importance of dental health and healthy eating.