November in San Diego County brings great go-outside-and-play weather. Encourage your child to enjoy a fall day with an outdoor activity: a scavenger hunt. Even though Mother Nature is preparing for winter, there are plenty of interesting things to search out and explore. Here is a list of scavenger hunt clues to take along:

  • Find a large red leaf.
  • Find a small yellow leaf.
  • Find an animal sign: a track, a feather, a bone, etc. What animal was here?
  • Look up in the trees to find an old bird’s nest.
  • Find some rough bark.
  • Find some smooth bark.
  • Find a spider: look but don’t touch.
  • Find 2 different grasses. How are they different?
  • Find a smooth rock that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Listen for the sound of birds. How many different birds to you hear?
  • Is it windy? Close your eyes and feel the wind on your face.
  • Can you find a flower? What color is it?
  • What is the most beautiful thing that you can find?

When your kids are done with this scavenger hunt, make crafts out of their scavenger hunt treasures:

  • Wrap a piece of masking tape sticky side out around your child’s wrist and help him make a fall nature bracelet. Stick leaves and other bits of nature right onto the tape.
  • Paint the special rock and keep it as a memento of the fun Autumn Scavenger Hunt.