Keeping Minds Sharp While Having Fun


National Game and Puzzle Week, November 20-26, 2016

National Game and Puzzle week is celebrated annually Sunday through Saturday of Thanksgiving week. The celebration was created to encourage families to play board games, cards, and educational games together. Playing games together as a family provides essential bonding time as well as fun and educational time for children. Games provide many benefits for children including developing eye-hand coordination and stimulating brain activity.

When it comes to games to play at home, the sky is the limit! For ages 0-3, try inset puzzles and match by shape games. Don’t overlook the simplest of games such as peek-a-boo, patty cake, and toys with game-like elements. Even age-appropriate books with textures and sounds can offer needed stimuli. Try to incorporate games into everyday activities, such as pointing to and naming objects, animals, and colors while encouraging children to participate with you.

Children ages 3-5 can begin playing simple board game favorites like Chutes and Ladders™ and even Sorry!™. So pull out the board games and enjoy your childhood favorites with your children. Maybe even an old-fashioned game of charades might be just the thing everyone will enjoy. Additionally, you can take advantage of many of the game days and game nights that San Diego City and County libraries host throughout the week.

Join in the fun and set aside a game night during the week of November 20-26 or play games together for 30 minutes each night. Who knows, maybe game time will become a regular activity in your house that everyone enjoys together!