Road Trip Scavenger Hunts And Games

Are we there yet? Summertime means road trips and adventures with the family, but sometimes it can be hard to occupy your kids during the journey to your destination. Keep your little ones entertained for those long car rides with some of these fun activities:

Color hunt

Think about the colors of the rainbow and take them one by one. For each one, ask your child to find something of that color inside or outside the car. As soon as they find the color move on to the next one. If you have multiple children, make it contest! First to find five of the colored items wins a special prize.

“Tell me an animal that…”

Ask your little ones to guess an animal giving them a simple clue. Adjust the difficulty based on age and/or skill level:

  • Examples for toddlers: “Tell me an animal that is white,” or, “Tell me an animal that howls.”
  • Examples for preschoolers: “Tell me an animal that lives in the jungle,” or, “Tell me an animal that carries its baby in a pouch.”

Counting Cars

Tell your kids to keep their eyes on the road and have them look for specific colored cars and quantities. Look for them together or make it a contest. For example, first one to find four blue cars gets a point!

Number hunt

Last one to 9 is a rotten egg! Have your kids compete to find the numbers 0 to 9 on road signs and license plates. Whoever can find all the numbers first wins!

Letter hunt

Can your little one find all the letters of the alphabet? Take the letters one by one and have your child to search for them on license plates and street signs. This game is better suited for preschoolers and is easier to play while driving on roads where you can find more signs and displays. You can also make this game a contest if you’re up for the challenge!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

If you want to have something you can print and take with you in the car, download this scavenger hunt and have your little one mark off all the items they see along the road: