National Smile Week

The second week in August is National Smile Week. Make the most of it by taking time to focus on oral health and have fun with your little one’s smile at the same time.

A healthy mouth, including teeth and gums, is essential to the overall health of infants, children and adults. Taking care of your young child’s teeth and gums is important: Brush your child’s teeth, give your child healthy foods and take your child to the dentist. Visit First 5 San Diego’s Oral Health page for tips for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and pregnant women. Now go have fun with your child and smile:

  • Make a collage using pictures of smiles cut out of magazines.
  • Make smiley face masks using yellow paint and paper plates.
  • Talk about how you feel when someone smiles at you and when you smile.
  • Talk about things that make you smile.
  • Have a smile-off: see who can smile the longest.
  • Take a field trip to a dentist office.
  • Have “Apple Smiles” for a snack. Or even “Watermelon Smiles!”