April is Month of the Child—a month that is very near and dear to us at First 5 San Diego. 

Our mission is to provide resources to families so they can create a strong foundation for their little one’s development. Here are some small actions you can do every day to benefit your child’s growth:

  • Listening to, and validating, your little one’s feelings helps them build trust and learn how to identify and regulate their emotions. 
  • Setting up routines—like brushing teeth, leaving the house or bedtime—help reduce stress and anxiety for the whole family. Routines also help with school readiness. 
  • Talking, reading and singing to your little ones makes a big impact on their cognitive development.
  • And so much more!

We have put together a list of early care education resources for parents and caregivers to help get you started:

You can also check out our Parent Portal for more information and links to resources.