There are many ways you can make sure your Halloween outing is frightfully fun!

  • Know your emergency contacts: Practice memorizing phone numbers leading up to Halloween night so your child knows who to call in case they get separated. Or tape or pin your contact information onto your child’s costume.
  • Have a chaperone: Kids, especially those under 12, should have a chaperone while out trick-or-treating.
  • Make your costumes glow: Add reflective tape to costumes so it’s easier for your trick-or-treater to be seen in the dark.
  • Walk safely: Always walk on the sidewalks and make sure you cross the street at the corners.
  • Give out inclusive treats: Make your treats fun for everyone! Instead of giving out candy, give out items like Halloween-themed stickers or erasers. 
  • Check your candy: Make sure any treat your child brings home is sealed and throw out candy that has tears or holes in the packages and any homemade treats if they weren’t made by someone you know.