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April 22, 2020
2:30PM – 4:30PM



ARoll Call and Introductions


Approval of the Minutes for the First 5 Commission of San Diego meeting January 16, 2020PDF
COpportunity for Public Comment
DCommissioner Recusal Reminder
EConsent Calendar

The Commission will vote on any action items not pulled for discussion by Commissioners or members of the public.

Items Available for the Consent Calendar are:

Item 3: Sunset Review of County of San Diego Article IIIP, First 5    Commission of San Diego

Item 4: Approval of the FY 2020-21 Operating Budget, Sustainability  Fund Budget, Financial Spending Plan and Contract Amendments

Item 5: Budget Adjustment for the First 5 First Steps Home Visiting Initiative (HVI)

Item 6: Sunset Review of a Commission Policy


Item 1Acceptance of the FY 2018-19 First 5 California Annual Report PDF
Item 2First 5 San Diego Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Annual Review


 Item 3Sunset Review of County of San Diego Article IIIp, First 5 Commission of San DiegoPDF
Item 4Approval of the FY 2020-21 Operating Budget, Sustainability Fund Budget and Financial Spending Plan
Item 4-1 FY 2020-21 Issue PaperPDF
Item 4-2 FY 2020-21 Operating BudgetPDF
Item 4-3 FY 2020-21 Sustainability Fund BudgetPDF
Item 4-4 FY 2020-21 Financial Spending PlanPDF
Item 5Budget Adjustment for First 5 First Steps Home Visiting Initiative (HVI) with the Health and Human Services AgencyPDF
Item 6Sunset Review a Commission Policy
Item 6-1 F5C-005 Community Events (Mark-Up)PDF
Item 6-2 F5C-005 Community Events (Final)PDF
Item 7Finance Committee Report
Item 7-1 February 2020 Balance SheetPDF
Item 7-2 Revenue and ExpensesPDF
Item 8Executive Director Report
Item 8-1 Staff ReportPDF
Item 8-2 FY 19-20 Q2 DashboardPDF
Item 9Future Agenda Items

  • Approval of the First 5 San Diego Annual Report for FY 2019-20
  • Approval of the Annual CPA Audit for FY 2019-20
  • Facilitated Discussion on Strategic Plan 2020-2025

If you are planning to attend and need special accommodations, you must call Karen Hays at (858) 285-7720 at least three days in advance of the meeting.

Pursuant to Government Code section 54957.5, written materials distributed to the Commission in connection with this agenda less than 72 hours before the meeting will be made available to the public at 9655 Granite Ridge Drive, Suite 120, San Diego, CA 92123


October 5, 2020
2:00PM – 4:00PM

Public Comment on specific agenda items is taken throughout the meeting at the conclusion of each agenda item.

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