A healthy mouth, including teeth and gums, is essential to overall health of infants, children and adults. First 5 San Diego’s Oral Health Initiative (OHI) addresses the growing concern of dental disease among young children by providing no cost dental screenings, exams and treatment.

Dental disease can have serious and expensive consequences for children if left untreated, including pain, infections, difficulty eating, and tooth loss.  Children with dental disease may also have trouble sleeping, talking, concentrating, and have more missed school days.

Good dental health is also important for pregnant women. The bacteria from the mother’s tooth decay can affect the health of her unborn child. OHI teaches pregnant women and parents of young children about oral health to help them maintain healthy oral health habits.

First 5 San Diego Oral Health programs include:

  • Dental screenings, exams and treatment for children ages 0 through 5
  • Care coordination for high-risk patients
  • Oral health education for parents/caregivers

To get connected to dental services supported by First 5 San Diego call an OHI provider near you or call 1-888-5 FIRST 5 (1-888-534-7785).