Give your child a chance to meet and play with other children.

Development Milestones

Ages 3-4 Years

  • Stumbles over words sometimes—usually not a sign of stuttering
  • Listens attentively to short stories; likes familiar stories told without any changes in words
  • Recognizes familiar words in simple books or signs (STOP sign)
  • Understands the concepts of tallest, biggest, same, more, on, in, under, and above
  • Counts 1-7 objects out loud
  • Understands order of daily routines (breakfast before lunch, lunch before dinner, dinner before bedtime)
  • Uses the toilet with some help (many boys may not be ready for toilet learning until age 3-1/2)
  • Puts on shoes (but cannot tie laces)
  • Dresses self with some help (buttons, snaps, zippers)
  • Feeds self (with some spilling)
  • Uses a spoon, fork, and dinner knife skillfully
  • Needs 10-12 hours sleep each night
  • Dresses self without much help
  • Accepts suggestions and follows simple directions
  • Sometimes shows preference for one parent (often the parent of the opposite sex)
  • Enjoys helping with simple household tasks
  • Can make simple choices between two things
  • Takes turns and shares (most of the time); may still be bossy
  • Understands and obeys simple rules (most of the time)
  • Changes the rules of a game as he/she goes along
  • Likes to talk and carries on elaborate conversations
  • Persistently asks why; may name call, tattles freely