Your child is learning new words quickly.

Development Milestones

Ages 2-3 Years

  • Uses two- or three-word sentences
  • At 2 years, people can understand what the child says some of the time (25 to 50 percent)
  • At 3 years, people can understand what the child says most of the time (50 to 75 percent)
  • Follow two-step instructions, “get the ball and put it on the table”
  • Listens to simple stories and songs
  • Experiments by touching, smelling, and tasting
  • Likes to push, pull, fill, and dump
  • Can turn pages of a book
  • Stacks 2-4 objects
  • Scribbles with crayons or markers walks without help
  • Feeds self with a spoon
  • Walks backwards
  • Tosses or rolls a large ball
  • Plays alongside others more than with them
  • Acts shy around strangers
  • Likes to imitate parents
  • Easily frustrated
  • Affectionate—hugs and kisses
  • Insists on trying to do several tasks without help
  • Enjoys simple make-believe like talking on phone, putting on hat
  • Very possessive—offers toys to other children, but then wants them back