Babies don’t come with instruction manuals and all parents have questions. When should my baby sit up? What is that rash? Should I take my child to the doctor? What kind of stories should I read? When do I start toilet training? How do I pick a good day care?

First 5 San Diego provides the Kit for New Parents – a free parenting resource that includes advice and useful tips to best prepare them for the joys and challenges of parenting. The kit, available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean, includes parenting resources, such as:

  • DVD and a Guidebook – Topics range from healthy teeth to childcare to safety and discipline. All materials are divided by “ages and stages” so parents can easily find the answers for their child’s age.
  • What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick – This easy-to-read book answers questions parents have about their child’s health and common illnesses. This is a great guide for helping new parents know when to treat an illness at home and when to call or see a doctor.
  • “Puppy and Friends” (Baby’s First Book) – An interactive reading adventure for parents and babies to enjoy together. Filled with stimulating colors and textures to encourage brain development, babies can touch and feel puppy’s fur, nose and toy.

For more information or to receive a Kit for New Parents, call 1-888-5 FIRST 5 (1-888-534-7785) or select from the following options:

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