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Parents, caregivers and early learning educators play a valuable role in providing healthy food choices as an early age. Check out recipes, activities and tips here.

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Today is Preschool Fitness Day!

Your preschooler may seem to be in constant motion much of the time. This is because they use their body to convey thoughts and emotions that they still can’t describe through language. Moving their body also helps to better understand many words and concepts that are new.

Try these activities to make sure your child gets an hour (or more) of physical play daily:
• Tag or chase: For variety, hop, waddle, or dance instead of running
• Catch or kickball (experiment with balls of different sizes and textures)
• Swimming or other water play, such as running in a sprinkler or washing the car
• Riding a tricycle or scooter
• Crawling through a cardboard-box tunnel
• Dancing: Add scarves or ribbons to make it more exciting
• Indoor obstacle course: Build one together using sofa cushions, hula hoops (to jump in and out of), chairs lined up to form a tunnel or balance beam, etc.

What are your child’s favorite fitness games to play at home?
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Get cooking with your kids - it saves time and can be fun for all!

Tips for healthy family eating:
• Plan ahead. Make a shopping list of recipe ingredients before you go to the store.
• Make a goal to include at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal and snack.
• Offer new fruits and vegetables several times.
• Prepare them in different ways (raw vs. cooked, chopped vs. whole) to find the way your child likes them best.

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