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Parents, caregivers and early learning educators play a valuable role in providing healthy food choices as an early age. Check out recipes, activities and tips here.

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#FoodForKidsFriday recipe: Dragonfly Sandwich

• 1/2 whole wheat pita
• 1 baby dill pickle
• 2 thin carrot matchsticks
• ¼ cup low-fat cream cheese
• 2 tablespoons vanilla yogurt
• teaspoon ground turmeric
• ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
• Pinch of salt
• 2 slices honey-baked turkey breast
• 4 thin orange slices
• 4 thin red apple slices
• Clean scissors

1. Use the clean children's scissors to cut the pita bread into four 1-inch ovals to help shape the wings. Use a butter knife to slice one-third of the pickle off the top and set aside for the dragonfly's head. The rest of the pickle will be its tail.

2. Use a toothpick to make two small holes on the top of the pickle head. Slide one small carrot stick into each of the holes for the antennae.

3. Combine the cream cheese, yogurt, turmeric, garlic powder and salt in a bowl. Spread it on top of your pita bread.

4. Place your turkey slices on top of each other and roll them up tightly. Place the turkey roll-up in the center of a plate. Place the pickle head at one end, and the rest of the pickle at the other.

5. Place two pita ovals on each side of the turkey body. Stack the sliced oranges and sliced apples on the wings, making sure all tips are pointing in.

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With Grandparents Day coming up on Sept. 13, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible contributions grandparents have made in our lives. Grandparents are a vital part of our society and their wisdom and encouragement can do wonders for children of all ages. Now through Friday, August 28th, email your favorite stories about your grandparent and photos and how they've inspired you. If you are a grandparent, we want to know what you most like to do with your granchildren and the lessons you hope to impart on them. We'll share our favorite submissions in our September newsletter and on our Facebook page during Grandparents Week!

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