A  Roll Call
B  Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of the First 5 Commission of San Diego – October 6, 2014
C  Opportunity for Public Comments
D  Commissioner Recusal Reminder
E  Consent Calendar
Agenda (pdf)
Item 1 Agenda (pdf)
Item 1  Sustainability Fund Budget Approval for FY 2014-15 (pdf)
Item 2 Agenda (pdf)
Item 2-1  Policy F5C-004 Membership in Professional Associations w/tracking changes (pdf)
Item 2-2  Policy F5C-004 Membership in Professional Associations Final (pdf)
Item 2-3  Policy F5C-011 Investment Policy w/tracking changes (pdf)
Item 2-4  Policy F5C-011 Investment Policy Final (pdf)
Item3 Agenda (pdf)
Item 3  Presentation on the FY 2013-14 First 5 Commission Annual Report to the Community
Item 4 Agenda (pdf)
Item 4-1  Summary Balance Sheet (pdf)
Item 4-2  1st Quarter Statement of Rev. & Exp. and Budget Projects As of September 30, 2014 (pdf)
Item 5 Agenda  (pdf)
Item 5 First 5 Commission Staff Report (pdf)
Item 6 Agenda – Future Agenda Items (pdf)
Item 7 Agenda – Employee Evaluation  (pdf)