Cheeseman2_P_new_1_0 Recipe of the Month – Frosty the Cheeseman!

This cheeseball snowman masterpiece is a fun, festive holiday dish your kids are sure to enjoy making—and eating!


Cheese balls:
Goat cheese
Grated Parmesan
Cream Cheese

Dried cranberries
Red-leaf cabbage


To make the cheese balls, mix together the goat cheese, grated parmesan cheese and cream cheese, and roll them into two balls. (You can also buy pre-made cheese balls to save time). Soften cream cheese in a separate bowl, slather over the cheese balls, and stack one on top of the other. Add a carrot nose, a rosemary crown dabbed with dried cranberries as jewels, eyes, and buttons, a cherry mouth, asparagus arms, and a red-leaf cabbage scarf.


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