New Potter the Otter Book: Potter, Potter, the Healthy Otter!

Potter the Otter is on a new adventure! He sets out to teach Toada, Goose and Moose, and all of his friends about how exercising keeps them healthy, is fun, and helps them grow!

The new “Potter, Potter the Healthy Otter” book, written by First 5 Santa Clara, is a sequel to “Potter the Otter: A Tale about Water.”  It suggests that going to the park to play and exercise is better than sleeping all day, watching TV, and playing computer games.  The adventure starts with Potter the Otter and his parents going to the park.  On their way, they stop by to get Toada, Goose, Moose, his skunk friends, and momma kangaroos to walk, skip and hop, and race to the park, where they play and exercise more.

First 5 San Diego recommends that children receive one hour or more of physical activity daily. Children who exercise are less likely to experience health problems as adults, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.  Active children also tend to do better in school. Parents can help children be active by making sure physical activity is part of their family’s daily routine and by embracing a healthier lifestyle themselves.

Click here to read “Potter, Potter, the Healthy Otter!”


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