First 5 Executive Photo- Kimberly Medeiros
Executive Director
First 5 San Diego
Kimberly Medeiros

I am pleased to introduce the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 on behalf of the First 5 Commission of San Diego.  First 5 San Diego has a long and distinguished history of focusing investments to have a deep impact on the community, and this plan builds upon our successes in making a difference in the lives of young children over the past four years in San Diego County.  Yet, in the face of significantly declining Prop 10 revenues, we will be forced to make more difficult investment choices through 2020.  Our aim, as reflected in this plan, is to make strategic investments that maximize impact during a time of diminishing resources – particularly for families with the greatest challenges – while attaining measurable outcomes and demonstrating strong fiscal responsibility.

We will do this by focusing strategies on multi-objective, impactful investments and initiatives that deliver services and fill gaps in areas of greatest need.  We will promote best practices in systems change to improve service delivery, leverage partnerships and resources beyond First 5 San Diego’s investments to strengthen the collective impact and enhance sustainability, and generate outcomes in the core areas of health, learning, family, and community, all while showing a strong return-on-investment through a focus on prevention. 

 A special thanks to my First 5 San Diego staff, our Commissioners, Technical and Professional Advisory Committee and key stakeholders.  We believe this plan reflects your guidance and input to ensure our continued focus that all children ages 0 through 5 are healthy, are loved and nurtured, and enter school as active learners.  Click here to view the Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

 Enjoy our wonderful weather this summer and Live Well San Diego!


 Kim Medeiros


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