Making Books with Children








Whether they can write or are still at the pre-writing stage, children will love making books. Creating a book not only lets them use their imagination, but it also helps develop critical language and literacy skills and fine motor skills. It doesn’t take much to create a book. Here’s how:

Find materials to create the book

  • Paper – Regular paper will do, but you can use construction paper or card stock
  • Glue
  • Coloring materials (i.e. washable markers, crayons)
  • Magazines, stickers, or craft materials like glitter or ink stamps
  • Rounded scissors
  • Binding material (i.e. hole punch, yarn, or staples)

What you do…

With children who are still at the pre-writing stage:

  • Start with a picture book, and have them draw their story on the different pages. Afterwards, you can ask them to tell you about each picture and have them tell you what to write.

With early writers, you can help them by asking them to:

  • Create an alphabet book. Write the letters on different pages and have your child trace them. You can write words beginning with that letter and have them trace those words, too.

More independent writers can:

  • Write their own stories, poems or other types of text – songs or short descriptive paragraphs. Pick a theme for them to write about, like family or a vacation.

Once complete, always have your child tell you about the story or read the story to you. As you read the book in the future, you’ll both smile at the memory of what your child was thinking of at the time.


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