First 5 San Diego Announces New Request for Proposal (RFP)

First 5 San Diego is pleased to announce the availability of the following funding opportunity to support the Commission’s health initiative:

RFP # 6607:  KidSTART Center and Clinic Services

The First 5 Commission of San Diego (Commission) and Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) are requesting proposals from qualified organizations to provide KidSTART Center and  KidSTART Clinic services to support young children (ages 0-5) with complex developmental, social-emotional and behavioral needs. This is a joint procurement between the Commission, who provides oversight and funding for the operation of the KidSTART Center, and Health and Human Services Agency-Behavioral Health Services-Children, Youth and Families (BHS-CYF), who provides oversight for the operation and funding for the KidSTART Clinic. 


View the solicitation or for questions regarding this RFP, please contact Chris Lee: