First 5 San Diego and Safeway/Vons Expand Partnership to Include Live Well San Diego

SAN DIEGO — March 18, 2014 — First 5 San Diego and Vons grocery stores have extended their partnership to encourage healthy eating among San Diego residents. Today, the two entities are announcing that they are going deeper into the community by partnering with the County of San Diego’s Live Well San Diego campaign.

In 2013, First 5 San Diego and Vons collaborated to reach thousands of San Diego County residents with healthy eating messages and promotions in stores and online.

“Through this partnership, First 5 San Diego and Vons will spread the message of Live Well, San Diego and encourage healthier lifestyles throughout San Diego,” said County Supervisor Greg Cox, Chair of the First 5 Commission of San Diego.

Together, First 5 San Diego and Vons have distributed more than 100,000 healthy eating information fliers throughout the community to educate and inspire county residents to take action and responsibility for their health.

“Live Well San Diego is about connecting organizations of every kind for a shared purpose,” said Nick Macchione, Director of County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency and First 5 Commissioner. “Partnerships like these are the key to making positive changes so that our children, their children and beyond can live healthier and safer, and thrive.”

Vons has financially supported First 5 San Diego healthy eating contests and promoted the healthy eating message in all San Diego Vons and Pavilions stores by displaying First 5 San Diego healthy eating materials.

“The Healthy Eating campaign materials and events have been well-received by our customers across the county,” said Carlos Illingworth, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations for Vons. “The Live Well San Diego campaign is an excellent fit and we are proud to support both organizations.”

The Live Well San Diego initiative began in 2010 solely as a health strategy, recognizing that San Diego County, like much of the nation was facing a tidal wave of chronic disease and rising healthcare costs. The strategy has since evolved into the long term initiative to improve the health, safety and quality of life of all County residents.

“Our efforts embody Live Well San Diego’s Building Better Health vision and goals,” said Kim Medeiros, First 5 San Diego executive director. “We are excited to join forces to support San Diego County’s long-term initiative to achieve healthy communities and to encourage all residents to make healthy choices at the supermarket, restaurants and home.”

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