Alethea Arguilez
Executive Director



Administrative Support

Karen Hays, Executive Secretary to the Director
Petra Montiel, Administrative Secretary II


Naomi Chavez, Program Administrator
Marites Perez, Program Manager
Dulce Cahue-Aguilar, Projects Coordinator
Diala Marroquin, Projects Coordinator
Sharon Qin, Projects Coordinator

Community Engagement

Hunter Watson, Communications & Community Outreach Coordinator
Alicia Castro, Student Worker
Samantha Sandoval, Student Worker


Harold Randolph, Data and Evaluation Coordinator


Martin Cherry, Operations Administrator
Victor Crandall, Fiscal Manager
Marcelina Reyes, Fiscal Monitoring
Gilberto Muñoz, Accounting

Contracts & Grants

David DeVries, Contracts & Grants Coordinator
Austin Quicho, Student Worker