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Newsletter May – June 2017: Sing with Me!

Sing with Me!

It’s no accident that “The Alphabet” song is taught at an early age. As a song, it is fun for children and captures their attention. The simple tune teaches the foundational element of language and letters. Educational and fun songs such as lullabies are great language learning opportunities for children.

Young children that have not yet developed the ability to form and say the words still gain a benefit from hearing you sing to them. Hearing language is a necessary part of language development in early childhood. Encouraging babies to use and exercise whatever stage of sound development they are at lays a strong foundation for language skills later on. Even as young as 0-3 months, babies can begin to coo, which can be encouraged by singing and making noises with them.

Singing can also impact the bond between caregiver and child. Children can become familiar with your voice as you sing to them. The sound of a familiar voice then soothes and comforts the child when they hear it. Combine a familiar voice with a loved tune and nap time might become easier.

Between ages 4-5, children can begin to sing along with simple songs. Keep singing their favorites to them and they’ll pick up the songs from you. Sing songs with them from their favorite shows, movies or associated with a beloved character.

As the ending of The Alphabet song asks, “Next time won’t you sing with me?” Next time you’re spending time with the children in your life, be sure to sing with them. For inspiration, try classic nursery rhymes and lullabies. Enjoy the quality time while watching them learn and grow through singing.


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