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Newsletter March – April 2017: April 27 – National Tell a Story Day

April 27 – National Tell a Story Day

As a parent of a young child, you are probably hearing many different approaches on how to prepare your child for kindergarten. Preschool, play groups, and positive parenting are all important. But when it comes to raising successful learners, 30,000 is the magic number. That’s 30,000 words spoken to your child each day.

Most parents know that they should read to their children, early and often. But few know that speaking to them is just as important to literacy and language success. Research shows a direct link between a child’s academic performance in third grade and the number of words spoken in their home from birth to age three.

Just how much are 30,000 words? Read Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat 18 times and you’ll be close. But don’t be limited to books. Talk, sing and tell stories to your child. Encourage interaction through questions that spark his imagination and encourage conversation.

National Tell a Story Day is observed in the United States each year on April 27. Celebrate with your child by telling a story of your imagination or an actual story from a childhood memory.

Storytelling is an ancient practice used to hand down knowledge from one generation to the next. It’s a wonderful way to pass on family traditions, histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational. Some of the very best stories come from real life experience!

Telling stories to your child is a time for him to learn, to remember and to grow closer to you. Regular, imaginative story time will not only encourage your child to be curious and ask questions but also inspire him to become a storyteller as well. And, that’s a sure-fire way to reach your 30,000 words-a-day goal.


More Tips to 30,000 Words a Day
When you are driving with your child, sing. “The Wheels on the Bus” is a great driving song. Sing to the radio, sing a silly song, sing a nursery rhyme. Play “I spy” with simple, colorful things for your child to spy: I spy a yellow bus, I spy a red firetruck, I spy a big building. The sky’s the limit. Talk out loud to your child as you go about your daily routine: shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry. Not only will you get closer to the magic 30,000-word mark, but your child will be picking up important words to enhance his vocabulary.


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