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Newsletter January – February 2017: First 5 High Five

First 5 First Steps Celebrates First Graduations!

Three of the First 5 First Steps regional sites celebrated their first graduations since the program began in October of 2013. The First 5 First Steps home visiting program strengthens family relationships by providing in-home support, education, and guidance to expectant parents and parents of newborns until their child is three years old.

First Steps has demonstrated positive outcomes for families such as decreased child neglect and maltreatment, improved parent-child interaction, and increased well-child visit attendance and immunization rates. To learn more about the program click here.

Below are some of the wonderful and inspiring stories of the first graduating families.

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego – November 10, 2016
Five families celebrated their graduations from the First Steps program. One of the families was the very first referral that came in when they started offering services in October 2013.

“My home visitor is the only person who didn’t tell me what I was doing wrong. She helped me know that I was strong and a good mother. I never felt judged. I always felt understood. So many times she listened to me and helped me to listen better to my baby.” – SAY San Diego Parent Participant


South Bay Community Services (SBCS) – November 16, 2016
Three families were recognized for completing the First Steps program.

“My home visitor was there for us through the highs and the lows. Thanks to her support, advocacy and encouragement, we are in a much better place.” – SBCS Parent Participant


Home Start Inc. – December 9, 2016
Eight families successfully graduated from the program—all of them newly arrived refugees.

“We were new to this country and did not know anyone. The First 5 First Steps Program and our Family Support Worker changed our lives forever. We learned how to become better parents, became connected with the community and got help finding a job. Words cannot express our gratitude.” – Home Start Inc. Parent Participant


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