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Newsletter January – February 2017: Director’s Corner

Director’s Corner

gallo_kimberly-2016_300wThe start of a new year is always a good opportunity to set goals and adopt good habits. If one of those goals is to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, why not make it a family affair? Parents have more potential to influence their child’s behavior, including their eating habits, than anyone else. The easiest way to influence your children is to adopt healthy routines as a family – read together, eat together, and share a daily walk around the neighborhood. These everyday tasks may seem small to you but they help establish a strong bond with your child.

As you set your resolutions, make the extra effort to use words in your interactions with your child. For example, when you’re out taking a walk, point out the different plants or trees and discuss their shapes and colors. Your child’s brain is making connections at an astonishing rate during the first three years of life. Each connection is made with each new positive experience. By spending daily quality time with your child – such as talking, reading, and singing – you are helping his or her brain lay the foundation for academic achievement and lifelong success.


Kim Gallo


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