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Fred Becker

Fred Becker is the founder and director of Becker Institute Inc. He is a licensed professional educator with over 40 years experience working with adolescents and parents as a classroom instructor, special projects trainer, and program director.

He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of programs in the areas of substance abuse, violence, multicultural relationships, classroom management, parenting, parent involvement, character development and adult/child relationships. He is a popular speaker for community groups, schools and businesses. He has developed a national life skills program, successful violence prevention programs, and a comprehensive substance abuse program collaborating with law enforcement and the medical community. He has developed three nationally known parenting programs: “How to Develop A Self-Reliant and Responsible Child,” “How to Develop A Self-Reliant and Responsible Student,” and “Trust, Power, and Control”. His present endeavors revolve around two highly successful programs for businesses “Behavioral Management” and parents, “Social/Emotional Skills Coaching”.

He has a unique and gifted ability to create a safe environment and encourage communication and problem solving. His honesty and positive attitude make Mr. Becker a trusted and sought-after resource, mentor and leader. He has served on many local community organizations, committees, boards and coalitions in San Diego County and the State of California.

An author of three books, Mr. Becker has won numerous awards, including from the San Diego Business Community, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, State of California Attorney General’s Office, and California School/LA Enforcement Partnership. Mr. Becker also received the award for “ Prevention Educator of the Year” by the San Diego County Department of Health.

His most treasured rewards are a healthy 42-year marriage, two prospering grown children, and correspondence from others whose lives have changed for the better.