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Development Milestones Ages 1-2 Years


Read and talk to your child.


• Uses 10 or more words
• Follows simple spoken directions, “get the ball”
• Uses 20 or more words
• Combines two or more words, “more juice,” “what’s that?”
• Uses many different consonant sounds at the beginning of words, b, g, m
• “Bounces” to music
• Points to people, body parts or toys when asked
• Stands alone, sits down
• Turns pages in a book
• Drinks from a straw
• Feeds self with a spoon
• Stacks 4-6 blocks
• Tosses or rolls a large ball
• Bends over to pick up toy without falling
• Stacks 4-6 blocks
• Walks up steps with help
• Becomes upset when separated from parent
• Likes to hand objects to others
• Plays alone on floor with toys
• Recognizes self in mirror or pictures
• Likes to imitate others
• Begins to show signs of independence; says “no”
• Very possessive, has difficulty sharing
• Finds it difficult to wait and wants it right now!
• Uses the words “me” and “mine”
• Enjoys looking at picture books
• Tries to do many things alone


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